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A holistic way to improving your health

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Benefits of Acupuncture:                            


Acupuncture effectively treats a wide range of complaints, both acute and chronic in nature.  See  Conditions Treated for a comprehensive list. 


Acupuncture is also helpful for many illnesses and health concerns that have no clear origin or cause.


Acupuncture is helpful for the maintenance of health.  Patients committed to a healthy lifestyle who receive ongoing acupuncture treatment for maintenance and health promotion often experience:

  • Being sick less often and recovering more quickly

  • Improvement of vitality and stamina

  • Being able to take care of their own health

  • Improvements in relationships

  • Reductions in long term health care costs






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Voted as  Most Popular Acupuncture Practice in Lexington, MA, 2016!!!


Crossing Point Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine - Lexington MA

79 Laconia St
Lexington, MA 02420 
(610) 731-5030 

79 Laconia Street

Lexington, MA 02420

Tel: 610 731 5030




Mon-Fri:  8AM- 7PM

Sat:  9AM-1PM

Sun:  Closed

  • Acupuncture


  • Chinese herbs


  • Gua Sha


  • Cupping


  • Tuina


  • Moxibustion


  • Nutritional Counseling

  • Facial 


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